Dorrit Kromann

Dorrit Kromann

Owner, KromannS - Deedster associate



October, 2019 - Present

Engaging people and organizations in taking action for the climate.

Chairwoman of the board of Skt. Josef's School.kt. Josefs Skole.

Frederiksborgvej 10, 4000 Roskilde

October, 2020 - Present

Skt. Josef's School.

Frederiksborgvej 10, 4000 Roskilde

September, 2020 - Present


July, 2003 - Present

Development of result-creating organizations by establishing a balance between results and people. It requires common understanding and acceptance of goals with precise follow-ups - with respect for the individual person.

Ministry of Finance

September, 1999 - June, 2003

Manager of turn around of IT project (Salary system for all employees in the government administration) and Project of Shared Services in the Ministry.

Agency for Public Finance and Management

1998 – 2003

IBM Global Services

September, 1998 – September, 1999

Implementing system and process for Solution Design and Development in Network Services, which was sold to AT&T.

Columbus IT Partner

February, 1998 - August, 1998

Working with foreign partners of Columbus IT Partner to develop business plans, budgets etc. Primary focus was establishment of new partners.


June, 1986 - February, 1998.

Started in Privatbanken as part-time IT developer parallel with studying at Copenhagen Business School. Worked in Unibank with establishing new branches around the world (London, New York, Isle of Man, Geneva, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Helsinki and Oslo). Fokus on IT systems. Worked in Unibørs (Dealing) as team manager of IT Strategy and Project management.



2016 – 2018

Healing Complex Trauma as a vehicle for personal and social transformation.

The NeuroAffective Relational Model(NARM) is an advanced clinical training for mental health professionals who work with complex trauma. NARM is a cutting-edge model for addressing attachment, relational and developmental trauma, by working with the attachment patterns that cause life-long psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties.

NARM is a more resent developed method of treatment. The founder is Ph.d. Laurence Heller, CA, USA.

Master, Organizational Psychology.

2003 – 2005

Cand.Merc.Dat (now Cand.Merc.It) & HA.Dat

1984 – 1989

Information Ressource Management
Strategic Management
Business Psychology
Management of IT projects
Integration of Marketing and Product Development
Aspects of Using Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of the implementation of Midas ABS banking system in Privatbanken Ltd., London

Mathematical Social Science Student

1981 – 1984


  1. Management of approx. 40 employees organized with middle managers
  2. Establishment of new department within 12 months by collecting people from various cultural areas with various background and education.
  3. Enthusiastic and experienced manager with the intention that employees must achieve set goals
  4. Use of framework, motivation and structured follow-up as a means of managing people
  5. Firm decision-maker
  6. Experience in navigating in a worldwide and complex matrix organization at all levels
  7. Set up of new Salary and Human Resource Policy after negotiation with unions
  8. Budget manager and salary manager for office and projects according to company rules.
  9. Part of the management team for overall management in the organization
  1. Team leader for consulting team
  2. Personal sales budget
  3. Turnaround with implementation of results management. The client's department with several years deficit was transformed to keep budgets, Bottom line improvement by 200%
  4. Establishment and implementation of cold call project
  5. Contract negotiations
  6. Established profitable consulting company based on own sales to large public and private clients in need of project management, coaching and education
  7. Processes and marketing in a resale organization
  8. Customer manager for financial systems sold to and supported for the public institutions
  9. Experience with market analysis for building a new company and sales
  1. With a background in organizational psychology comes the ability to make an organization perform
  2. Coaching of all employees to identify the current state of the organization
  3. Establishing a framework for each employee based on mission, vision and values
  4. Conflict management in organizations
  5. Coaching of employees so that each employee defines their own goals and their own actions
  6. Organizational development with a psychodynamic perspective
  7. Development seminars to support organizational development
  1. Establishment of a new business foundation for the next phase in the organization and implementation of mission, vision, values and goals in the company
  2. Development of a completely new way of thinking about the company practice and how this should be marketed, as well as testing the new concept in a selected customer segment
  3. Establishment of own successful company with business concept, success criteria, financial analysis and plan
  4. Development of Business Plan concepts for Subsidiaries. Including Concept for how to analyze the existing situation, Decision on focus points, How to set up the Budget, How to implement the Business Plan. Based upon the Balanced Score Card
  5. Follow up and assistance to Subsidiaries in order to meet the goals as agreed in the Business Plan
  6. Establishment of new companies
  7. Account Manager for specific Subsidiaries
  1. Definition of processes in a business by use of CRM
  2. Analysis of the business by use of the SDD standard process and work flow tool
  3. Implementation of processes in relation to ”New ways of working”
  4. Implementation of integrated MS CRM system for 100+ users
  5. Identification of Business requirements to work flow system
  6. Implementation of work flow system in support process
  7. Analysis of business processes for a Nordic CFO group
  1. Project Manager with reporting to external Steering Committee and General Manager
  2. Thorough knowledge and experience in project management, which involves all areas in the organization and involves people from various areas and levels
  3. Project Management by use of certified IBM project concept
  4. Experience in all tasks of Managing large projects i.e.. Personnel including hire/fire, Accounting and Budget follow-up, Business Planning, Daily routines, Business Processes, Implementation of systems, Education & Change Management
  5. Analytical skills in relation to identification of user requirements
  6. Experience in implementation including analysis and design of test
  7. Project Management using internal company concepts
  8. Project Manager of 200+ mio DKK project with 50+ employees
  9. Management of Suppliers in badly run project
  10. Management of two public suppliers
  11. Project management as an independent consultant with management of 2 external suppliers in the development of the portal.
  1. Experience in education of users and project members
  2. Independently offered course
  3. Teaching cases in tool courses e.g. strategy at recognized training companies
  4. Teaching in MUS for inexperienced and experienced leaders
  5. Teaching in Performance Management
  1. Working with many different cultures and cross cultural. Thorough knowledge in how to manage the differences
  2. Have been living in the financial centers of the world (London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Geneve, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris, Helsinki and Oslo)
  3. Experience in handling the problems between working methods and working attitudes in relation to Private vs. Public Sector

Finansielle branche: Nordea: 11 years of banking experience with jobs in various departments of a large international bank as well as consulting jobs with a thorough understanding of business processes, processes and solid knowledge of basic banking,

IT industry: Columbus IT Partner, IBM: Project Management and Business Development with software development and network sales as well as implementations

Public sector: Hillerød Hospital, Ministry of Finance, Høje Tåstrup Municipality, Danish Commerce and Companies Agency: Turnaround, Project Management; performance management

Advertising industry: BBDO: Organizational development

Aviation industry: Sterling: Performance management

Consulting: Independent company